Krishna Hari Baral

Mr Krishna Hari Baral is an MPhil graduate in Finance from Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). Mr. Baral currently serves CMF in the capacity of Senior Research Officer. Mr. Baral carries out relevant research to best fit CMF's organizational objectives to help foster good microfinance practices in Nepal. He specializes in analyzing the cross-section, panel and time series data using a variety of analytical software.

Some of his research projects include:

  • Consultant for Leadership for Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC) case study. The protagonist of the study was Cardio Heart Surgon Dr. Bhagwan Koirala and the study was intended to find out the kind of leadership role he played in nurturing SGNHC to become one of the best heart institutes in Asia.
  • Project Coordinator studying the transit problems (effective flow of transportation with goods of import and export across borders) faced by a landlock countries (specifically Nepal). 
  • Author of "Then life took a turn: A memoir and after-math", a narrative study of the police head constable who had to leave his job due to family pressure during the Maoist insurgency period. The study recounts the turns of his life sequentially and the kind of economic and mental states that followed.
  • Author of "Cross-spectral Analysis of Nepal Stock Exchange," a qualitative and quantitative study of the efficacy of the Nepalese stock market. The study was carried out on the basis of the frequency domain i.e every series were decomposed into its constituent frequencies and the analysis was done based on the characteristics of such frequencies.
  • Author of "Dynamic Interactions of Remittance, Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate in Nepal." Using the Vecto Auto Regression method, this study intended to identify the interactions of remittance, money supply, interest rates, inflation and exchange rates both in long and short run in the context of Nepal.
  • Author of "Problem and prospects of debt market in Nepal," a qualitative study carried out to find the factors that influence the debt market of Nepal.
  • Coordinator of the mid-point review of the "Consumer Awareness and Financial Empowerment (CAFE)" programme in two MFI at Jhapa and Chitwan.