Rudra Prajuli

Mr. Rudra Prasad Parajuli specializes in strengthening financial institutions including cooperatives, FINGOs and microfinance banks through financial literacy, entrepreneurship skills, business promotion, and a range of capability enhancement training. His experiences in NGOs sector reform, cooperative strengthening, business planning and entrepreneurship development, and training to microfinance institutions stand out. Currently he serves as the Senior Training Officer at the Centre for Microfinance, Nepal and is responsible for planning, designing, and delivering need based training to microfinance institutions. Previously he was involved in an advisory role for the OXFAM-funded Sustainable Livelihood through Community Empowerment program at Kalika Self-Reliant Social Centre (KSSC). He served as a National consultant of the Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF). He has also served as a vice chairperson of the Policy Advisory Board (PAB) of MS Nepal (Danish INGO).  He worked as the coordinator of capacity building program for microenterprises and CBOs/NGOs/Cooperatives funded by MS Nepal. As a Central Program Monitor and Advisor of KSSC, he has diverse experiences with different programs and organizations such as LFP, MS Nepal, PAF, CARE Nepal, EU, Save the Children, and Fund Board. The partnership program specifically focused on promotion of micro/small enterprises, income generation and community development, agriculture, health, and education. He has worked with DDC/VDC/Municipality to facilitate Trainings, Policy formation, District capacity development plan, District Profile of Dalit, NGOs and human resources.

He holds Master of Arts in Sociology, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Education degrees from Tribhuvan University. He also completed the NGO Management course at Vaigeby Agriculture College of Denmark.