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A high turnover of microfinance professionals in different development organizations results in a loss of institutional memory. For effective microfinance services, it is crucial for the concerned individuals to have the knowledge of key principles. If "knowledge" is defined not just as facts but as experience, expertise and skill needed to make good use of facts, the loss of experienced microfinance professionals cannot be made up just by developing better information systems or by hiring new staff. Unfortunately, most stakeholders do not seriously evaluate the impact of these challenges on their own effectiveness.

Realizing this gap in knowledge management, CMF had initiated a resource center in CECI project time in 1998. CMF is developing appropriate mechanisms for knowledge sharing to help all MF learners, practitioners, replicators, policy makers, developers and promoters. CMF facilitates documentation of researches, communication and information dissemination on MF issues, promotion of best practices and other MF related studies, updating and mapping of MFIs, mapping of knowledge, maintenance of rosters, documentation of case studies, tacit knowledge recording and management of MIS knowledge and resource center. Currently it has more than 1500 research reports and books related to microfinance, MF Directory (Nepal), CDs, audio visual materials, training manuals, case studies, wall posters, and occasional papers. It also offers internship to new learners in microfinance sector and develops human resources with reward and recognition. With these activities, CMF has expected to improve understanding of MF practices for sustainable access to microfinance services for the poorest of the poor.