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Strengthening of Microfinance Sector in Nepal

Strengthening of Microfinance Sector in Nepal
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1. Introduction:

The Project was effective from 2004 through 2007. The project had substantially strengthened the institutional capacity of 30 SCCs and institutionalizes an additional 100 SCGs, through various project interventions resulting in sustainable quality financial service delivery reaching a total of 9784 poor women members.

Until now, this project resulted in: over 325 women participating in training in basic cooperative principles.


2. Goal: Strengthening of Microfinance Sector in Nepal, more specifically through capacity building of MFIS with a focus on women headed MFIs.


3. Objectives: 

enhance institutional capacity of the thirty selected savings and credit cooperatives

enable selected MFIS to better serve their women clients through training, technical support, publications, promotion of information technology, dissemination of lessons learned and networking activities


4. Expected Results

  • Relevant traiing packages and tools updated/developed and available for capacity building of microfinance cooperatives
  • Institutional capacity of 30 partner MFIs strengthened
  • Outreach of partner MFIs enhanced
  • Financial management and performance of partner MFIs improved
  • Linkage of partner MFIs with the wholesale lending institutions established
  • Networking of partner MFIs with district and central level organizations established
  • Resource center at the CMF strengthened
  • Lessons learnt documented.


5. Project Funding Partners: Ford Foundation